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"3:36 (Music To Sleep To)" is an experimental ambient music album by Poppy, released on October 17th, 2016. The album was specifically designed to help facilitate a full night of sleep and encourage a healthy dream state.

Background and Conception

"3:36 (Music To Sleep To)" was released exclusively on Poppy's Bandcamp. The album does not contain any of Poppy's vocals, instead being a set of instrumentals composed and produced by Poppy and Titanic Sinclair. With the exception of "Obnoxious Blocks", every song on the album has been used as background music in at least one Poppy video. The album is $10.00 USD.

Poppy later mentioned the album and promoted it in her video titled "Ambient Music". In this video, she claims that her true passion is creating ambient music, as well as that a portion of the proceeds made by the album will go directly to people who suffer from sleep apnea.


No. Title Artist Producer Length
1. "Obnoxious Blocks" Poppy Titanic Sinclair 4:42
2. "Mind Aide" Poppy Sinclair 4:34
3. "Catholic Camera" Poppy Sinclair 3:59
4. "Drop In The Ocean" Poppy Sinclair 4:38
5. "Me Time Me" Poppy Sinclair 4:46
6. "Phonic" Poppy Sinclair 4:32
7. "Glass Milk" Poppy Sinclair 4:04
8. "Telepathy" Poppy Sinclair 4:06
9. "Air People" Poppy Sinclair 4:36
10. "Doctor Bite" Poppy Sinclair 4:25


  • The album's name, "3:36", is a reference to Poppy's video of the same name as well as the timestamp of Mars Argo's video "Everybody Wants It All".
  • When producing the album, the Poppy team sought the help of polysomnographists at the Washington University School of Medicine and later gave them a special thanks for their insights.
  • "I C U (Music To Read To)", the ambient soundtrack to Poppy's graphic novel Genesis 1, shares a similar name with the album.


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