Airplane Skin Routine with Poppy is a video on the Poppy YouTube channel. It is the 389th video of the Poppy era. It was uploaded on May 19th, 2020.


This is the ninth video in Poppy's makeup tutorial series. In this video, she shows the products she uses for her skin when traveling on an airplane.


Poppy: Hi, I'm Poppy. Today I will show you my makeup skin routine when I am flying on an airplane.

These are my favorite products.

Distorted voice: HydroPeptide hydro-lock sleep mask.

Peter Thomas Roth hyaluronic gel eye patches.

Embryolisse radiant eye cooling stick.

Eye drops.

Your favorite lip balm.

Hand moisture cream.

Glow Recipe watermelon mist.

A cute face mask.

Poppy: First apply your HydroPeptide sleep mask.

Then, eye patches.

Eye drops.

Hand lotion.

Lip balm.

Next, remove your eye patches.

Apply the eye stick.


Now your mask!



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