Anything Like Me Music Video Look with Poppy is a video on the Poppy YouTube channel. It is the 401st video of the Poppy era. It was uploaded on April 21st, 2020.


This is the fifth video in Poppy's makeup tutorial series. In this video, she shows the products she used for her look from the "Anything Like Me" music video.


Poppy: Hi, I'm Poppy. This is how you get the makeup look from my "Anything Like Me" music video.

These are the products we're using for this look.

Distorted voice: Christina #605 eyelashes.

Black Orb eyeliner from Rituel de Fille.

Don't look at it too long.

Rituel de Fille highlighter.

Lashtopia mascara from BareMinerals.

MAC clear lip gloss.

Rhinestones with a sticky back.

Poppy: You can use a cluster or any shape you want.

First, take one of your more pointed brushes and draw a triangle-esque shape in the corner of your eye like this.

Then fill it in.

You want to create a thick, dark wing.

You can use a different brush and apply some makeup remover to get it right.

Now curl your lashes.

Apply mascara.

Apply your rhinestones.

And apply one rhinestone to the inner corner of each eye.

Now lip gloss.

Now your Rituel highlighter on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose and chin.



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