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Garrett Clark Borns, better known by his stage name Børns, is an American singer-songwriter. He was a close friend of Poppy.

Relationship with Poppy

In 2011, Poppy's close friends at the time, HeyHiHello and Tessa Violet, performed live with Børns at an event in Holland.[1]

Titanic Sinclair and Børns have been close friends since around 2012, with Sinclair directing his music videos for "10,000 Emerald Pools" and "Electric Love", as well as co-writing the songs "Overnight Sensation" and "Dopamine" from his debut album. Sinclair also appeared in his cover of "Criminal" and shot the cover art for his 2014 EP Candy.[2] Børns was a part of Sinclair's friend group consisting of Poppy, Debby Ryan, Matt Bennett and Zella Day. It is unknown if the group remains friends to this day.


  • He was featured on the cover of an issue of Eighty-Nine Magazine that Sinclair was also featured in.[3]



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