Blame Candy is an American rock band based in New York City, New York.

Relationship with Poppy

The band co-produced Poppy's song "Adored" with Titanic Sinclair. Sinclair has also directed all of the band's videos on their YouTube channel, including their music video for "Life Like You".

Chris Greatti, the lead singer of the band, has helped co-write and co-produce many Poppy songs. He also performed the guitar solos on "Moshi Moshi" and "Hard Feelings". Lead guitarist Aaron Deming, bassist Ryan Wheeler and drummer Sam Palombo were previously members of Poppy's backing band and also portrayed the Icky Babies. All four band members appeared in the music video for "X".

As of the I Disagree Tour, the members of Blame Candy are no longer serving as Poppy's backing band.

Band Members


  • The artwork for the band's debut EP, EP1, features the band name on a monitor that is exactly the same as the one used for Computer Boy.
    • The band's YouTube videos also feature Titanic Sinclair's familiar aesthetic, as they feature the band members in front of a white backdrop.


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