• Everglowww


    August 3, 2020 by Everglowww

    I must say, this is wayyy different from the Melanie Martinez wiki (which is basically all pink) but whatevs. This is cool.

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  • Dancinqgueen

    I just noticed that i cant find any unreleased song pages on here anymore. I was looking for information on some of them to find out which were for bubblebath, etc. but all the pages dont exost anymore. Did something happen i didnt know about?

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  • CoolStarWars1


    May 17, 2020 by CoolStarWars1


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  • Poppyislife

    Lowlife 8/10

    Money 5/10

    Altar 9/10

    American Kids 10/10

    I'm Poppy 3/10

    Let's Make A Video 4/10

    Bleach Blonde Baby 6/10

    My Microphone 8/10

    Moshi Moshi 2/10

    Computer Boy 7/10

    My Style 4/10

    Fuzzy 7/10

    Interweb  6/10

    Software Upgrade 3/10

    Pop Music 8/10

    In A Minute 5/10

    Fashion After All 3/10

    Iconic 7/10

    Chic Chick 4/10

    Interlude 1 1/10

    Time Is Up 7/10

    Aristrocrat 8/10

    Hard Feelings 6/10

    Girls In Bikinis 2/10

    The Rapture Ball 9/10

    Interlude 2 3/10

    Am I A Girl? 10/10

    Play Destroy 8/10

    X 9/10

    Choke 7/10

    Voicemail 5/10

    Scary Mask 7/10

    Meat 9/10

    The Holy Mountain 8/10

    Concrete 2/10

    I Disagree 7/10


    Anything Like Me 8/10

    Fill The Crown 5/10

    Nothing I Need 7/10

    Sit/Stay 10/10

    Bite Your Teeth 8/10

    Sick Of The Sun 9/10

    Don't Go Outside 9/10

    Guns & Gold 10/10

    Winona Ryder 5/10

    Do You…

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  • MarsDy

    November Updates

    November 6, 2019 by MarsDy

    Hello everyone!

    This year has been a huge change in the fandom and our community here, and we are soon approaching the release of Poppy's new album, I Disagree. As we're preparing for the album's release, you may notice a couple of drastic changes on the wiki within the next few weeks.

    Today we merged perhaps one of our highest trafficked pages of all time, the Moriah Pereira page to the Poppy page. We figured as much that Poppy herself is dropping the character completely outside of videos, so we might as well merge the two as she becomes less of a persona and more of a defined artist. Secondly, we have been hearing your feedback and questions regarding the theme of the wiki, and to answer your questions, we will update the theme when more …

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  • MarsDy

    Update on Unreleased Pages

    September 29, 2019 by MarsDy

    Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to announce a brief update about unreleased songs. I’m aware the opinions on these pages are mixed, but recently there has been a conflict with leaking. We are well aware that a few people have leaked snippets of unreleased songs for “wiki credit”, and this is not really acceptable to our community. We want to make the wiki as positive as possible, and we don’t want these relatively toxic ideations coming on to the wiki anymore, so we will shortly be removing leaked history from the unreleased song pages. Not to mention we have sources that aren’t 100% reliable all the time like SoundCloud and Discord.

    We will still be keeping the dates the songs/snippets leaked, as well as how many snippets leaked (if the song…

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  • MarsDy

    Introducing Userboxes!

    August 13, 2019 by MarsDy

    Hello everyone!

    Today I wanted to introduce you all to our latest feature, Userboxes! You can find them here at the Userbox List. This is our first fan creation on the wiki, and you are more than welcome to contribute and create one for yourself. Just be sure to contact an administrator beforehand. With the help of AestheticsAllY, I have created 65 Userboxes (and there will be more in the future of course) to showcase your favorite discography, if you are a member of the church/silver seed and if you have been to a Poppy concert.

    To add a Userbox to your profile, go into source mode and select a Userbox you would like to use (example, }} And hit publish. The results should look like this:

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  • MarsDy

    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to make this post very short and brief. I know some of you could be concerned, so just know that it's only for a bit. Some titles had been edited almost daily and it's really just a matter of high traffic; it's really hard to keep up. It will only be protected for a month, just until the hype kind of dies. We've noticed that sometimes there are unnecessary edits being made as well. Examples would be: changing one letter, repeatedly changing the genres, etc. We understand that these could be some of your favorite pages. If you have something that you would like updated or added, please comment it on the page or run it by another admin.

    Thank you for your patience!

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  • MarsDy

    Choke era + updates

    June 19, 2019 by MarsDy

    Hello everyone, happy Wednesday!

    I'm excited to announce that the wiki (after a lot of popular demand) has had its theme changed! Yes, I know a lot of you were anticipating this change, so I'm happy to say we will have this theme for a bit. I'm rather excited for CHOKE to be released as my music tastes have grown rather in size and I enjoy the music she's releasing.

    Regarding updates to the wiki, we are perhaps looking for a new coder that has the same talent and abilities as our dear friend AestheticsAllY. She is still active but I would like to have a back up just in case we can't figure out a bug that is beyond Ally's power. So if you know someone that could be willing to help us out, please let us know!

    XxTimberlakexx and I have agreed th…

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  • MarsDy

    So update, myself and the admins have decided to select a winner, and we have chosen Poppinator's second unreleased image submission! Thank you Poppinator and to everyone who submitted theirs! You're all amazing

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  • MarsDy

    Calling all Poppyseeds, Popsisters and everyone in between. The admins have agreed that we need an updated unreleased song image for our unreleased song pages. It has been well over 2 years since the image was created and we could really use a new one. If you are crafty with graphic design, we hope you will be interested!


    • We don't want you to go over the top with the picture, a simplistic design is what we want.
    • Must be appropriate for all audiences.
    • Must be 1000 x 1000.
    • Must look like it has heart put into it.
    • Image must be in a reply to the discussion/blog post.

    We all hope you have fun with this, if enough images are submitted, we will announce a winner. The winner will receive a special template on their user page as a thanks f…

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  • MarsDy

    Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since I last made a blog post regarding the wiki. I am finally and happy to announce that I will be frequently active now and I truly mean it with all my heart. Now for a more exciting announcement, we are now affiliated with Discord server We Are Poppy! This server has been the kindest Poppy server I have been in, the server isn't very culty, its mostly casual fans discussing their music. So I think it will be enjoyable by everyone on the wiki. Now none of the admins moderate the server and it has different rules but around the same principles. I hope you all have fun on the server and enjoy your time if you join, the invite link is here or on the side bar of the wiki.

    Now with new content and music…

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  • FANDOMBaby333


    April 7, 2019 by FANDOMBaby333

    Hi! I am new here!

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  • Blueyeyi33


    February 17, 2019 by Blueyeyi33

    About a month ago I was digging through youtube and came across an interview with Moriah Poppy. She was very much her regular self and answered a lot of personal questions. Now I cannot find it. I wish I had downloaded at the time but I just thought I could go back and watch it again. In the interview she was the only one on screen. There was ivy/bushes or something behind her. I dug through all the interview videos posted on this site but never came across it. (Doesn't mean it's not here.) Anyway, does anyobe have a clue what I am taking about? And where to find it?


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  • MarsDy


    January 17, 2019 by MarsDy

    Hello there everyone and happy New Year! It has been a while since I last made a post on here, I think I haven't been really that active since early December. I have been monitoring the wiki and thank you to all the users who have been editing on the wiki the past month. I haven't been relatively active on wikia because I'm currently in the process of studying for and writing exams (fun right). Some personal issues in my life reached their peak last month and now have been thankfully brought back down to a lower level and some of them were triggered by certain people on wikia, so I'm happy to say I have risen above these problems and no longer bother me. 

    Poppy herself hasn't been really active in the likes of her music career lately and I …

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  • MarsDy

    So I'm pretty sure half the fandom has heard of the lets say "friendship" ending between Grimes, Poppy and Titanic. We haven't really gotten much information on what exactly happened between them, but it's assumed that Grimes didn't want to be affiliated with them, because of the controversy. She unfollowed both Poppy and Sinclair and followed Mars Argo. Which I think could show a lot about what happened between them when they were at least acquainted.

    Now that's out of the way, lets talk about Grimes' new single, "We Appreciate Power", her first single since her 4th album, "Art Angels". I actually love this song a lot, it's a favorite. My friend told me around 4 days ago I think that it was going to feature Poppy but was replaced by HANA. …

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    》 Hi everyone! 《

    Poppy /17/08/18/ liked my post on instagram, maybe, that's the most beautiful day of my life!Poppy loves me ♡. My ig account: (follow me)

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  • Iovelysnow

    hello hello hello ♡

    October 31, 2018 by Iovelysnow

    i'm back ! ♡ 

    i love u ♡ 

    alrighty cya in a few hours for aiag ! ♡ 

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  • MarsDy

    Community Feedback

    October 23, 2018 by MarsDy

    Hello editors, Poppyseeds or just the odd viewer!

    It's crazy to think that this wiki has been active for almost 2 years! It's been an amazing 2 years and the wiki has grown a lot. So much has changed since the wiki was founded; owners, contributers, themes, etc. So as thank you for helping us out, I wanted to hear from you all. Is there anything that you enjoy about the wiki, want to see in the wiki, something you don't like about it, or just a bug that you have seen? You can let me know in the comments and I'll try to bring it up with staff regardless. The blog post's comments are open to anyone that may come across it in the meantime and are still valid in later times :)


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  • MarsDy

    Top 30 Poppy Songs

    October 20, 2018 by MarsDy

    Today I wanted to make my top 30 Poppy songs. (This will probably be updated when AIAG? comes out).

    1. Guns & Gold
    2. Lowlife
    3. American Kids
    4. I Heart Poppy
    5. Winona Ryder
    6. If U Like
    7. Dance With Me
    8. Altar
    9. Chewing Gum
    10. Just My Type
    11. Immature Couture
    12. Good To Me
    13. Chic Chick
    14. Time Is Up
    15. Adored
    16. Everything I Know Is Wrong
    17. Fashion After All
    18. Interweb
    19. My Style
    20. Bleach Blonde Baby
    21. My Microphone
    22. Bleach Blonde Baby
    23. Pop Music
    24. Moshi Moshi
    25. Let's Make A Video
    26. Fuzzy
    27. Software Upgrade
    28. In A Minute
    29. Rocket Science
    30. I'm Poppy
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  • Ilovepoppy336


    So, I was wondering if anyone has a text to speech that sounds like Charlotte.

    If you do please tell me!

    I have ideas for fun Charlotte projects I really wanna do but I can't because I don't have a text to speech for her voice.



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  • MarsDy

    something to say

    August 17, 2018 by MarsDy

    Hello everyone, now I wanted to make a post regarding something I've wanted to say for a while. It's not an update just something I have wanted to say.

    As you all know I am a huge supporter of Brittany Sheets and I am strongly on her side, a lot of people have misinterpreted me basically owning the wiki and being an editor on here as hypocrisy, which isn't really true. I really dislike Poppy and the whole entire project. I'd like to think that the majority of this wiki is on Brittany's side of the lawsuit and thank you for that. Sometimes editing on here makes me feel ill, and especially the Poppy.Church page, the Titanic Sinclair page and some video pages. When I joined this wiki I was a huge fan of Poppy's but now I'm really only here bec…

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  • MarsDy

    Hello everyone! So a lot of my good friends have contributed to this video, it's for Brittany Sheets (Mars Argo) and they have put a lot of time and effort into making it and it was well done. It's about the lawsuit (especially the hearing today) and appreciation to Mars Argo, they have been planning this video for around a month and myself and them would really appreciate if you checked it out and showed love. It would also show Brittany some love (which you absolutely should). I hope you enjoy :)

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  • MarsDy


    July 6, 2018 by MarsDy

    i'm currently crying out of happiness right now.

    our wam score peaked to 70.497

    that's the highest it's ever been

    we're currently the 18th most popular music wiki rn

    and we're ahead of one of my hugest wiki inspirations to why i'm editing today

    i love you all thank you for contributing

    -MarsDy :)

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  • MarsDy

    Poppy Wiki Update 5

    June 30, 2018 by MarsDy

    Hello Poppyseeds! So today I have an update for all of you, it's been a couple of months since the last features were updated. So I wanted to share them with all of you.

    So I'd like to congratulate Big Bad Wolves and myself for becoming bureaucrats on the wiki after LittleJackk had been kicked out of staff after violation of multiple rules. I'd like to congratulate XxTimberlakexx on his promotion to administrator! You are such a help to the wiki and thank you for being active on the wiki! And I'd like to congratulate on Redandsymmetry on becoming our current Content Moderator! Thank you! Also, users LittleJackk, American Lowlifes and ThisIsFox (soon) have had their buereaucrat permissions removed. Congratulations!

    Now for a new feature that …

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  • AshleyxTrash


    June 30, 2018 by AshleyxTrash

    I have decided to leave the Poppy wiki due to the law suit stuff. I don't I think I can support Poppy again. Good bye guys.

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  • MarsDy

    An important blog post

    June 28, 2018 by MarsDy

    Hello Poppyseeds!

    So I'm pretty sure you all have been aware that the current owner of the wiki LittleJackk has been blocked from the wiki for breaking several rules. I've been trying my hardest and best to get Jack's permissions removed so far as to discussing it with FANDOM staff. So if you are an active user on here, please pay attention to the following.

    One of the FANDOM staff members asked me to start a discussion on voting him out as owner of the wiki, which two of our staff members had agreed on, the thing is it didn't techincally count. And I am asking you, please leave your decision on making me have the permissions to the wiki in the comments. If you say yes or no I won't get offended, this is just really important on the stance of our wiki…

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  • Cold Alex

    Poppy Music Evolution

    June 25, 2018 by Cold Alex

    Poppy's Music Evolution (2012-2019)

    • All My Fault
    • Crazy
    • Everything I know is wrong
    • Fountain of Youth
    • Heavy Metal
    • Hurtin' Kind
    • If U Like
    • Jealous
    • Landlock blues
    • Lovefool
    • Oh Why
    • Pyromaniac
    • Renegade
    • Rocket Science
    • Spare Key
    • Talk about it
    • The Cave
    • Too close
    • Winona Ryder

    Date Year Songs Featured artist
    February 8th 2012 Animal

    February 24th Cough Syrup

    March 6th What If I

    March 6th Doesn't Mean I'm Wrong

    March 25th Lonely Boy

    May 4th Kids HeyHiHello
    May 30th Little Talks HeyHiHello
    June 7th It Ain't Me Babe

    June 8th Flowers In Your Hair

    August 13th Bruises

    August/September Want U Back

    September 6th Between The Bars Roman
    September 7th Losing My Religion

    October 14th Skyfall

    November 20th Spooky

    December 20th Santa Baby (Old)

    January 6th 2013 Home April Lockhart
    January 18th Sunglass…

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  • HappyDoodlez

    I'm Poppy Show

    June 21, 2018 by HappyDoodlez

    So, i know that "I'm Poppy" is not relevent anymore, but what do you guys think happend to it? i think that the first episode was really good, so why is there no more episodes? Also, do you guys think it should come back?

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  • MarsDy

    Staff updates

    June 18, 2018 by MarsDy

    Hello contributers of Poppy wiki, it's with a sad heart that I have to announce that LittleJack has been kicked from his position of being and administrator and bueraucrat. Honestly I feel so broken that we had to come to this decision. Though I will keep this brief, I bet all of you are concerned. The reason why is is that Big Bad Wolves and I had discovered today that Jack not only had the motivation to harass us, but was a fake friend. We had trusted him for so long and it's just gosh. He was bullying my friend and I stood up for my friend. After discovering this he decided to harass and act abusive towards Big Bad Wolves and I. He called us horrid things and accused us of things that would go against Wolves and I religously. He also pr…

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  • MarsDy

    so turns out Moriah has a ton of aliases/stage names so here they are lol

    • Moriah Pereira
    • Moriah Perirah
    • Moriah Poppy
    • That Poppy
    • ThatPoppy
    • Poppy Vindani
    • Poppy
    • Poppy Chan

    You're welcome I guess

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  • Ilovepoppy336


    May 25, 2018 by Ilovepoppy336
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  • MarsDy

    May 18, 2018 by MarsDy

    3 more hours

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  • MarsDy

    Hello Poppyseeds! 1 year ago today, I joined the Poppy Wiki. 1 year ago it was a very small wiki with just around 20 pages. I remember my first contributions being Down For Whatever and Good To Me. I actually remember it a lot. I was in a Walmart making those pages it was really funny. This wiki has grown so much as a whole and I really love how far it’s come. I’m proud to be an admin on here and edit on a regular basis. And I would’ve never thought we’d become the 38th most popular music wiki! It’s really shocking lol. Even with the lawsuit situation, I feel like we are one of the most welcoming wikis and I’m just so proud of how inclusive we are. I’d love to give a huge thanks to LittleJackk, for being such an amazing leader, friend and …

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  • Thatjohnna

    hello poppy seeds

    my name is johnna, i am known on the poppy seed twitter fandom mainly as @whatisthisgift


    today, april 29th, 2018, i had the best 18 seconds of my life.

    earlier, i saved the number to my phone as "poppy hotline"

    anyway, everyone was calling today because whenv you call you get a message like this:

    “Hi it’s me Poppy!”

    “Are you ready for salvation?”

    “Poppy.Church is coming”

    “Are you ready?”


    its automated. ANYWHO on twitter around 3 hours ago, my good friend ciara tweeted that poppy called her saying things like "hi ciara are oyu ready for" i was shocked and tbh i thought it was a joke.. until i went on the gropucaht with my close friends and found out that my friend c…

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  • MarsDy

    Call 831-777-6779

    April 29, 2018 by MarsDy

    “Hi it’s me Poppy!”

    “Are you ready for salvation?”

    “Poppy.Church is coming”

    “Are you ready?”


    • hangs up*
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  • BlueSkinnyJeans

    A Question

    April 25, 2018 by BlueSkinnyJeans

    Is there a reason that we don't have pages for the Poppy videos that are deleted, but have been found? For the videos we still have in full, we could write pages for them. I definitely wouldn't mind doing that, but is there a rule against it?

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  • OffToWonderland


    April 19, 2018 by OffToWonderland

    Because of Mr. Mixter's abusive conduct to Ms. Sheets, and Ms. Pereira partnering with Mr. Mixter to copy Ms. Sheets, I am leaving this wiki.

    I don't even WANT to say their fake names. Who cares? I've had enough of it. I've had enough of those two thieves living in a delusion.

    Corey punched Brittany in THE FACE in her courtyard at her apartment. He smashed her window, he destroyed her belongings. He threatened her through social media and emails. 

    The Poppy project is canceled. Boom, gone. I'm standing up for Brittany.

    Here's the link to the lawsuit files:


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  • MarsDy


    April 15, 2018 by MarsDy

    So, using a trick from the discussion board, I found out how to access Poppy's web archives. Which is big Poppy news.

    First thing, we can watch some covers which are archived permenantly so if any of our cover videos get taken down, talk to me please and I'll make sure that it get's put back up with the web archive link.

    Second of all, I found out that Poppy has a friend and I'm not sure if we should make a page about them or not. YouTube user Zolloc/ hzezula was a friend of Poppy's. They uploaded a lot and I mean A LOT of Poppy's old covers and songs. Here's their channel . They privated all of their content on Moriah Poppy and everything on their channel so there's nothing else.

    Third of all I found a lo…

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  • MarsDy

    Hello Poppyseeds! So I have just found something big, as I was talking to the lovely YouTuber on Twitter, RepZilla. He shared with me some information about a website called which is owned by the United States if you search up UMG which is Island Records on the website one of the results that will come up is a PDF which seems by one of the members of Island like a Q&A about copyright. This is the link to the pdf: . Association Of American Publishers is another company owned by Island. I came across one of these defintions as it reads " Derivative work” is defined as: “a work based upon one or more preexisting works, such as atransl…

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  • MarsDy

    Poppy Wiki update 4

    April 7, 2018 by MarsDy

    Hello Poppyseeds! Welcome to update 4! So first things first we know it isn’t much but as of right now we are the 53rd most popular music wiki! I just find that so shocking and I’m so proud of how far we’ve come as a wiki! Just seeing this small wiki that had been abandoned and had been adopted and now we have over half a thousand pages and lovely editors and our wiki is neat and tidy! I’m just so thankful for all of you! Now it’s really too early but we the admins have been planning some sort of celebration (we just don’t know yet) as a thank you to you! Our lovely editors! And I’m really happy that as of right now we really don’t have any more pages to do since Poppy right now is very busy and hasn’t been putting out much content so wooh…

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  • MarsDy

    Poppy Wiki 2018 update 3

    March 14, 2018 by MarsDy

    Hello Poppyseeds! Welcome to wiki update #3! Today I’m proud to announce that today marks the day we have completed all the video pages! It only took 7 months to do! I’m so proud of everyone who contributed to the video pages and especially users like XxTimberlakexx! Who had made about half of the video pages. Thank you so much to them for taking time out of their day to make things like this possible. We have only a few tour pages to do (cuz I’m busy with school and i forgot Poppy was on tour). The next update is important. LittleJackk is currently off the wiki due to his computer being broken, he may be active some times until his computer is fixed but like always if there’s an issue or anything like that and Jack isn’t around. Please co…

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  • Computer Bear

    So I love to edit wikis and I've learned a lot, I also listen to a lot of artists so that means a lot of wikis are possible ones for me to edit.  I mainly listen to underrated artists too who may not have a wiki. Today I finally decided to create a wiki, I tried searching for the artist to see if one was already made and it was. It is currently inactive and only has 11 pages. So I decided to work on adopting it. I am going to be working on adding pages, editing current ones, and trying to find people to help me on this journey. There's one problem though! Right now I don't know if anyone likes this particular artist so if you do please help and if you want to find out if you might like this artist I highly reccommend you check her music ou…

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  • MarsDy

    My time on Poppy wiki

    February 19, 2018 by MarsDy

    Hello Poppyseeds! I can’t believe that it’s almost been a year since I joined this wiki. This wiki has grown so much as whole and a community over the last few 9 months and I’m just so proud. On May 5th, 2017 I was bored and I wanted to try a different wiki than Melanie Martinez wiki. So I searched up “That Poppy Wiki” and I found a That Poppy wiki but it had been abandoned and redirected to the one yours truly posted this blog post on :). When I went on this wiki on May of 2017, there were only 13 pages, consisting of Bubblebath EP pages, Titanic Sinclair, Poppy, Moriah Pereira, Chewing Gum and a couple pages I forgot about. I was shook at the amount of little pages that were on the wiki. I started my contributions by adding Good To Me an…

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  • Thatjohnna

    i was almost crying last night. i was facetiming my friend james and he told me poppy posted my moment and i did not believe him at all lol. i looked on twitter and i started shaking. i love poppy so much and i am so happy when i think about this :) my twitter is whatisthisgift if you want to become mutuals.

    here is the link

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  • Computer Bear

    As some of you may know I went to the Poppy.Computer show in Phoenix, AZ. I got there at 4:45 and it was raining. Everybody was waiting under this canopy. At times water would gush out of this pipe which was annoying. I got my VIP pass after about 20 minutes. The guy led me and my friend to the VIP room and adjusted our vr headsets and remotes so they fit us. The vr was actually cool. There was a table with all these items on it. I picked up a card and looked at it and I got teleported. I was in this room of locked doors. I saw a pink key and grabbed it. I looked around and saw a pink door and so I put the key into the door and it teleported me back. When the vr experience ended we got our signed cd, our pin, and poster. The guy asked if w…

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  • Computer Bear

    Valentine's Day

    February 14, 2018 by Computer Bear

    Happy Valentine's day to everyone!❤ I don't have a valentine but, I get to see Poppy live!!!

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  • MarsDy

    Poppy evolution

    February 13, 2018 by MarsDy

    Hello Poppyseeds! This isnt update 3 but I thought I would just share with you all this cute video of Poppy’s music evolution, from her Moriah Poppy days, to the That Poppy era and to the Poppy era. Hope you enjoy :)

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  • MarsDy

    Poppy Wiki 2018 update 2

    February 2, 2018 by MarsDy

    Hello Poppyseeds! New and old editors or just browsers looking to research about Poppy. Today I wanted to update you all on a few features that we have added/planning to add. Enjoy :)

    We are now implementing Galleries into our interview, people, live events, etc pages! And for our pages with more than one video for songs we have added tabbers! So you can select a video with ease instead of guessing which video it is.

    Here on Poppy wiki we take your suggestions, complaints and concerns into account. Sometimes they’re easier said than done. This wiki has been around for over a year and we have just started to see some growth in the past few months. The largest complaint we have seen thus far is the “unused files”, I myself have been trying to …

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  • MarsDy

    Hello Poppyseeds! So about a year ago, Poppy wiki was created. I joined this wiki on May 5th, when it was just a wiki with 13 pages! It was crazy! It’s been a very busy year on this wiki if I do say so myself. Now that it’s 2018, we have some important updates and additions for all of you.

    So LittleJackk and I decided that we will be trying to make more pages, since there are still videos, people, tour, concert and Everybody Wants To Be Poppy and some I cant categorize pages. So in total, we will be trying to make 300+ pages. So we will be trying to recruit new users to help edit pages. I myself will be making necessary pages that I’ve been procrastinating on making today. But in all, the video pages will take a while to make since there ar…

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