The Bunny is a minor character in Poppy's videos. Its only appearance is in the videos "But I Don't Hate You" and "They Say Mean Things".


The Bunny first appeared as a ring in "But I Don't Hate You". In the video, it makes the lighting darker before repeatedly prompting Poppy to confess to her audience that she hates it, which she continuously denies. It then disappears in a pink cloud.

In Poppy's video "They Say Mean Things", numerous bunnies appear, calling Poppy "ugly" and "gross".



Several bunnies as they appear in "They Say Mean Things".

In "But I Don't Hate You", the Bunny is pink and appears as a plastic ring. It has a devious face with black eyes and appears to live on Poppy's ring finger. Its voice is demonic and distorted.

In "They Say Mean Things", 18 multicolored bunnies appear, this time as a headband on Poppy's head.


  • The Bunny's actions in "But I Don't Hate You" could be representative of the Devil urging Poppy to give in to hatred.
    • Another theory is that its actions may represent the media twisting celebrities' words to cause controversy, regardless of the original context of the statement.
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