Charlotte Interviews Poppy is a series of videos on the Poppy YouTube channel that feature a mannequin named Charlotte. This is the first part of the series. It was uploaded on May 26th, 2015 and has over 1 million views. It is the 11th video of the Poppy era.


This is the first of four interviews by Charlotte, a mannequin that appears in many of Poppy's videos. This video marks her first appearance in a Poppy video. In this interview, Charlotte asks Poppy why everyone wants to be like her, what inspires her as an artist, and what it is like to live in Los Angeles. She ends the interview by asking when Poppy plans to release new music, which Poppy begins to answer, though the video is cut off before she announces the release date of her "new album".

The interview has various elements of satire; when Poppy is asked what inspires her as an artist, she calls the question an "interesting and remarkable question that no one has ever asked me before", a jab at how common it is for interviewers to ask this question when interviewing singers. Also, when Poppy describes what Los Angeles is like, after she says there is "a great lack of petrichor here", her and Charlotte laugh for nearly half a minute straight.


Charlotte: Hi, everyone. I'm Charlotte and we're here today with everyone's favorite internet it girl, Poppy.

Poppy: Hello, Charlotte. Thank you for having me on this internet broadcast.

Charlotte: Poppy, why does everyone want to be just like you?

Poppy: I often wonder that myself, Charlotte. I don't know why everyone wants to be someone else. Everyone should just be happy with themselves, just the way they are.

Charlotte: Poppy, what inspires you as an artist?

Poppy: What an interesting and remarkable question that no one has ever asked me before. Lately I'm inspired by many things; candy, empty paper bags, petrichor.

Charlotte: What is petrichor?

Poppy: Petrichor is that earthy smell that frequently accompanies the rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

Charlotte: You live in Los Angeles, what is that like?

Poppy: It's a wonderful place, where all your dreams can come true, but there's a great lack of petrichor here.

[Charlotte and Poppy laugh]

Charlotte: Poppy, when can we expect to hear new music from you?

Poppy: I'm so excited about my new album that's coming out on Island Records. It'll be released on...

[video cuts off]


  • As this video was uploaded before the release of Poppy's Bubblebath EP, Poppy refers to an upcoming "new album" rather than an EP. This implies that there were plans to release a full album on Island Records, but the album was shelved in favor of an EP.
  • Poppy's definition of "petrichor" is quoted nearly verbatim from Oxford Dictionary's entry for the word.[1]
  • The video was originally titled "Charlotte Interviews Poppy. Part 1". It is unknown why it was changed.[2]


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