Charlotte Interviews Poppy is a series of videos on the Poppy YouTube channel that feature a mannequin named Charlotte. This is the second part of the series. It was uploaded on July 14th, 2015 and is the 15th video of the Poppy era.


This is the second of four interviews by Charlotte, a mannequin that appears in many of Poppy's videos. The interview is primarily about the music video for her then-upcoming song "Lowlife", which was released 10 days after this video. In particular, Poppy mentions the Devil making an appearance, as well as Titanic Sinclair directing the video. Charlotte also asks Poppy if she knows how to read, to which Poppy states she loves reading books and that she has been reading the Holy Bible. Poppy is then interrupted by a phone ringing. Upon answering it, an indistinguishable voice can be heard speaking, after which she apologizes to them and tells them they must have the wrong number. Finally, Charlotte thanks Poppy for talking to her.

When Poppy is asked what the Holy Bible is about, she evades the question. This is perhaps a reference to the stereotype that many Christians follow the Bible but have never actually read it.


Charlotte: Hello, internet. I'm Charlotte and I'm here again with Poppy.

Poppy: Thank you, Charlotte! You look more beautiful than ever today.

Charlotte: Thank you, Poppy. I hear you have a new song coming out.

Poppy: Yes, we just completed the music video for my new song "Lowlife".

Charlotte: What can you tell me about this exciting music video?

Poppy: There are so many fun things that happened in this music video. The Devil even makes an appearance.

Charlotte: The Devil?

Poppy: Yes, he eats a banana.

Charlotte: Who on earth came up with such a strange idea?

Poppy: It was directed by Titanic Sinclair. What an amazing director!

Charlotte: I am excited to watch this groundbreaking new music video.

Poppy: I can't wait for you to see all my fun outfits.

Charlotte: Poppy, do you know how to read? I wish I could read.

Poppy: I love reading books. Lately I've been reading this book called the Holy Bible.

Charlotte: What is it about?

Poppy: It's a very easy read. Even at 479 pages.

Charlotte: That is interesting, Poppy. I'd like to hear more about this book you call the Holy Bible.

[phone rings]

Poppy: Oh, please excuse me for one second. Hello? I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number.

Charlotte: Poppy, thank you so much for talking to me today.

Poppy: Thank you, Charlotte! I always have a fun time speaking with you on the World Wide Web.

Charlotte: I mean it, Poppy. Thank you, thank you so much for being my friend.


  • This is one of the only Poppy videos that mentions Titanic Sinclair, the other being "I Am Not in a Cult".
  • Poppy mentioning that she has been reading the Holy Bible is a possible foreshadowing of her videos "Poppy Reads the Bible: Part 1" and "Poppy Reads the Bible: Part 2", in which she does nothing but read the Bible aloud.
  • The video was originally titled "Charlotte interviews Poppy (first music video)". It is unknown why it was changed.[1]


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