Child Quin was a minor recurring character in Poppy's videos and the son of Charlotte.


Child Quin first appears in "Mommy Are You Okay". In this video, Child Quin is shown to be worried about Charlotte's drug addiction. He tries to wake up Charlotte, who is lying on the floor and appears to have overdosed. He questions the contents of a bag that is next to her and pleads for somebody to call an ambulance. In "I Thought I Could Trust You", Charlotte attempts to lie to Plant in order to get money for more drugs, claiming that she is trying to raise money for her son, who is very sick.

In "These Are Mommy's", Child Quin appears to have found the contents of the bag inside his mother's bedroom. Upon approaching her about the mysterious drug and showing it to her, Charlotte scolds him, saying that they are not for him and that she needs her "medicine".

Child Quin's final appearance is in the video "Mommy No". In this video, he simply asks Charlotte "Mommy?", to which she repeatedly declines.

He was later mentioned in the video "I Was Worried". Poppy says that she will always be there to help Charlotte; when Charlotte asks what Poppy means by this, she clarifies that she is referring to helping her son. This upsets Charlotte and causes her to choke Poppy.


Child Quin is a child mannequin with brown hair, brown eyes, and long lashes. He is shown to have a pixie cut and wears a black shirt. In "Mommy No", Child Quin wore a white shirt with a Popsicle pattern instead. He speaks in a text-to-speech voice that is higher in pitch than his mother's.

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