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Computer Boy, also known as Charlie, is a character who is the subject of Poppy's songs "Computer Boy" and "Software Upgrade".

He made an official website ComputerBoy.Computer in 2017, where he regularly answered fan questions and put up riddles that were important in his campaign to "save Poppy".


Computer Boy appears as a blue alien-like being. He is shown to be bald with pure black eyes, and has only been shown on a Commodore computer monitor. He has only made an appearance in the official video for "Computer Boy" as well as its single artwork. It can also be assumed that he appears in the video "I Love You So Much". Though his face is not shown in the video, Poppy is shown petting a monitor identical to his and saying "I love you", which would reflect her love for Computer Boy.


In an interview with Circa, Poppy stated that her handlers won't allow her to be dating anyone of any gender, and that they took Computer Boy away from her when she fell in love with him. Poppy and Computer Boy's relationship status is unknown after the release of "Software Upgrade".


  • Judging from the lyrics of his namesake song, Computer Boy is most likely a metaphor for an internet relationship.
  • A monitor similar to the one that displays Computer Boy is seen in Poppy's video "Transmission". Another similar monitor appears on the single artwork for "Let's Make A Video", as well as the artwork for Blame Candy's debut EP.

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