You are reading the page dedicated to the character from the "Lowlife" music video. You may have been wanting to read about Satan, a character from the YouTube Red Original I'm Poppy.

The Devil (also referred to as Satan) is a minor character in Poppy's videos. His only appearance is in the music video for "Lowlife".


In the music video for "Lowlife", the Devil first appears to be having tea with Poppy on a blank white table, appearing alongside her in different shots. Throughout the video, he makes sexually suggestive gestures such as sucking on a banana. This disturbs Poppy and causes her to leave the studio. As she leaves, the Devil briefly follows her and angrily shouts things at her.

Though the Devil does not appear in any of Poppy's non-music videos, he is mentioned in the second "Charlotte Interviews Poppy". Poppy states that "so many fun things" happen in the "Lowlife" music video and that "the Devil even makes an appearance". Upon Charlotte questioning this, Poppy further states that he eats a banana in the video.

The Devil also appeared alongside Poppy in an episode of Internet Famous with Poppy, where he is referred to as "Satan". In the episode, he reveals that despite billions of loyal followers, he is not satisfied with the number of comments and likes on his social media posts. He admits that he bought some of his followers, to which Poppy replies "money can't buy everything". Poppy tells him that to reach an audience in 2016, he must post a video of an innocent person being murdered and enjoy the advertising revenue.


The Devil appears as the classically-depicted Satan in Christianity. He is a man whose face is red and wears bright red garments the same color of his skin. His ears are pointed and he has small horns on his forehead. This Devil has a brown beard and brown eyes.

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