Everybody Is Boring is a video on the Poppy YouTube channel. It is the 17th video of the Poppy era. It was uploaded on August 11th, 2015 and has over 3 million views.


The video consists of Poppy describing abstract views on life and time. She then states that everyone, including herself, is boring and that she is thankful for her friends, family and a photograph of her.




Sometimes life is like a roller coaster.

I think that's funny.

If you think about it long enough, time isn't exactly linear.

It's more of a transparent cube with light shining through it.

I'm boring, you're boring, everybody's boring.

I'm thankful for my friends, family, and this photograph of me.


  • The pictures that Poppy holds up in the video are from the music video for "Lowlife", where she "autographs" pictures of herself by dragging a paintbrush with red paint over them.
  • It is believed that Poppy breaks character in the beginning of the video, as her laugh appears to be genuine and she can be heard saying "okay" in a voice different from the one she uses for Poppy.
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