Garrett Nicholson is an American filmmaker and photographer from Los Angeles, California who served as Poppy's photographer on the Poppy.Computer Tour, the Am I a Girl? Tour, the Threesome Tour and the I Disagree Tour. He also edited the "Sit / Stay" music video.


Nicholson was introduced by Poppy on October 21st, 2017 via a tag on a now-deleted Instagram post, which was a photo of herself at her Seattle tour stop. Before photographing Poppy, Nicholson photographed outdoor shots and various artists. 


  • Nicholson was the Poppy Virtual Reality Experience guide on the Poppy.Computer Tour. He taught those with VIP passes how to use the VR headsets.
  • His name makes a cameo in the audio video for "Gotta Catch 'Em All", credited as the "illustrator" for Poppy's Pokémon card artwork.


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