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Eric Whitney, professionally known as Ghostemane, is an American rapper and singer-songwriter. He was the fiancé and a former friend of Poppy.

Early Life

Whitney was born on April 15th, 1991 in Lake Worth, Florida. When Whitney was a teenager, he had been interested in hardcore punk music and performed in several bands such as Nemesis and Seven Serpents.[1] During his time with Nemesis, a bandmate of Whitney's had introduced him to Memphis rap,[2] sparking his interest in rap.

Musical Career

In 2015, Whitney moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue his musical career. He had been associated with various musical groups such as Schemaposse and $uicideboy$. In 2018, he released an album titled N/O/I/S/E which was influenced by industrial rock, nu metal, Metallica, Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails.

Relationship with Poppy

Poppy had met Ghostemane at the Reading Leeds Festival in Leeds, United Kingdom on August 24th, 2019. They had performed on the same stage on the same day.

In November 2019, Poppy and Ghostemane frequently posted pictures of each other on their Instagram stories. On November 27th, 2019, Ghostemane posted a picture of him and Poppy holding hands. On December 3rd, 2019, he confirmed with several Poppy fans in Instagram direct messages that he and Poppy were dating.[3][4]

They frequently posted activities with each other on their Instagram stories.

He has made two appearances in Poppy's YouTube videos. He first makes a cameo in "DIY Magazine Look with Poppy", appearing in a photo from the DIY Magazine photoshoot that is shown in the video, although his face is hidden. He later guest-starred in "My Fiancé Does My Makeup", where he applies one of his favorite tour makeup looks on Poppy.

Poppy would later go on to direct the music videos for Ghostemane's 2020 singles "Lazaretto" and "Hydrochloride", and served as creative director for "Fed Up".[5][6][7]

He is featured on Poppy's song "Screammm" from her noise album Music to Scream To, credited under his noise side project GASM, and would later co-produce three songs from her EP A Very Poppy Christmas. Poppy also contributed vocals to the intro track "Intro.Destitute" from Ghostemane's album ANTI-ICON.

In December of 2020, they moved into a home together in New England.[8]


On July 8th, 2020, Ghostemane proposed to Poppy during a road trip[9], after 9 months of dating. This was preceded by mass fan speculation that the two were engaged following Poppy posting an image to her Instagram story of a unique ring on her ring finger.[10] Poppy confirmed the following day on Twitter that she and Ghostemane were engaged.[11] In an interview with Alternative Press, Poppy revealed that the wedding would not have any religion incorporated.[12]


On November 27th, 2021, Poppy privated "My Fiancé Does My Makeup", and both her and Ghostemane unfollowed each other on Instagram, leading to mass speculation from fans that they had broken up.[13] Later, Poppy had been spotted not wearing her engagement ring on her Instagram stories. On December 26th, 2021, American model Skye Fires posted a picture of her and Ghostemane holding hands.[14] Following this, on December 30th, 2021, Ghostemane released a statement on his official Discord server:

"Lol I'm disappointed that "fans" think I would make anything other than good decisions for my own well-being. I left a dog shit relationship where I was being treated like dog shit just so people who loveeeee my relationship sooooo much get to be happy while I'm treated like dog shit. If you've said anything other than something supportive on this topic, you're a simpleton and an embarassment to the community. If you have anything negative to say about any decision I make, you're a simpleton and your opinion won't be noted, cared for or ever treated as important. To everyone else and most of the people who are supportive as usual, thanks for being consistent and I'm grateful the vast majority of the community is made up of people like you 🖤"[15]


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  • Poppy has attended one of his live concerts.[16]
    • Allegedly, Titanic Sinclair (Poppy's former director and boyfriend) attended the same concert and began harassing Ghostemane.[17]
  • He attended Poppy's album release party for I Disagree.
  • During a 2020 Reddit AMA, Poppy was asked if she liked black metal, to which she responded "I like ghostemane."[18]
  • His cats Kiki and Damian are Pi's adoptive siblings.
  • He taught Poppy how to ride a motorcycle.[19]
  • He collaborated with Health on their song "JUDGEMENT NIGHT". Poppy was featured on their song "Dead Flowers".