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Claire Elise Boucher, professionally known as Grimes, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, producer and director. She was previously a friend of Poppy's. She collaborated with Poppy on the song "Play Destroy" from "Am I A Girl?".

Relationship With Poppy

In an interview with NME, Poppy said that her relationship with Grimes began when Grimes followed her on Twitter. Poppy then direct messaged her "hi, I like you. We should make a song together".[1] The two later met up and recorded music together.

Poppy made "a couple of songs" with Grimes, confirming that one song would be about destroying things and another would be about power. These songs were later revealed to be "Play Destroy" and "We Appreciate Power", respectively. However, the latter song was instead released by Grimes, featuring the artist HANA.

Shortly after the release of "We Appreciate Power", Poppy revealed in an interview with Billboard that she was "bullied into submission" by Grimes, and that Grimes prevented the release of the song on its planned release date months before the release of "Am I A Girl?". Poppy further revealed that Grimes also bullied songwriters into signing non-disclosure agreements and did not take credit for songs that they were a part of.[2] Chris Greatti, a close friend of Poppy's, had confirmed that it was in fact written by Grimes, HANA, and himself.[3]


  • In May of 2018, Grimes tweeted a picture of herself with Poppy, accompanied by a snippet of lyrics to "We Appreciate Power". The tweet has since been deleted.[4]
  • During a 2018 interview with the Zach Sang Show, Poppy was asked what she learned from Grimes. She responded that she learned "music is nice and you can have a billionaire boyfriend too", referring to Grimes' boyfriend, Elon Musk.[5]
  • In February of 2018, multiple billboards in Los Angeles, California had been spotted with the words ""I love Poppy more than Tesla" - Grimes".[6]



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