HeyHiHello was an American pop band from Canton, Ohio. During Poppy's early "Moriah Poppy" era, they helped her with gigs and covers such as "Animal", "Kids" and "Little Talks". They also co-wrote, produced and sang backing vocals on her song "Doesn't Mean I'm Wrong".

Band Members

  • Jakub Andrew - vocals, guitar
  • Josh Arnold - drums
  • David Beaver - vocals, guitar
  • Evan Davis - bass
  • Lane Terzieff - keyboards


  • Their cover of "Little Talks" remains on their YouTube channel to this day.[1]
    • Their cover of "Kids" was available on their YouTube channel until it was taken down due to a copyright claim in February 2020.
  • They were initially going to perform live with Poppy on June 25th, 2012 at DROM in New York City, New York, but the event had been canceled for reasons currently unknown.[2]



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