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I'm Poppy, originally titled The Poppy Show[1], is a YouTube Red Original starring Poppy that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23rd, 2018. The pilot was released on YouTube via YouTube Red on January 25th, 2018. The original was created, written and directed by Titanic Sinclair.


The plot described by Sundance Film Festival is:

"Join Internet sensation Poppy as she enters the real world for the very first time and quickly realizes that fame and fortune comes at a price, with secret societies, dangerous fanatics and a very envious mannequin named Charlotte."


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I'm Poppy


I'm Poppy - Trailer


Indie Episodic Program- I'm Poppy


  • The trailer for the series was uploaded twice. The original upload is currently unlisted.[2]
  • Poppy sings a song in the original titled "Is This Real?".
  • In the original, Charlotte's voice is a different pitch for unknown reasons.
  • Poppy's previous manager, Nick Groff, is the executive producer of the original.
  • The series has only produced a pilot as of 2018, but the producers intend on making more episodes of the show.[3]


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