The Interviewer is a minor character in Poppy's videos. His only appearance is in the now-unlisted livestream "A Live Interview with Poppy".


The Interviewer appears in Poppy's livestream "A Live Interview with Poppy". Throughout the video, he asks Poppy questions about the Poppy.Computer Tour as well as what inspires her as an artist. He mentions that Poppy is a "special guest" on his show, meaning that he may have another show that he hosts himself, or is delusional about having a show. Much like the personas of Poppy and Titanic Sinclair, he speaks intermittently with very little expression.


The Interviewer appears as an elderly grey-haired man wearing a white dress shirt, red tie, and black vest. He wears black dress shoes and black short-cut black pants, with his black socks rolled up his legs. His face is emotionless.


  • The Security Guard and the Interviewer are the only unmasked humans to appear in a Poppy video besides Poppy herself.
    • However, there are also several unknown humans that appear in the now-unlisted "Poppy.Computer Tour" livestream, as well as several Poppy fans that appear on a television screen in "Ask Poppy a Question".
  • He is the second Poppy character that is an interviewer, the other being Charlotte.


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