Josh Moran is an American singer-songwriter. He is best known for co-writing Børns' hit song, "Electric Love'". He is a former friend and boyfriend of Poppy's.[1]

Relationship with Poppy

Moran was friends with Poppy and Titanic Sinclair and is currently close friends with Mars Argo. Sometime before August 2015, Moran and Poppy were in a romantic relationship.[1] The reason for their romantic relationship ending is currently unknown, and Moran's friendship with Poppy and Sinclair is assumed to have ended in 2015. The ending of the friendship was explained in greater detail on May 7th, 2018. In Poppy's response to Argo's lawsuit, she stated that he had taken advantage of her when she was "young and vulnerable" and Argo was aware of this occurring. She deems that Argo and Moran's friendship was only to manipulate Poppy. Shortly after, Poppy posted a picture of a restraining order filing, signed both by herself and Sinclair. Minutes after posting the picture, she posted a video of Moran assaulting Sinclair.[2]

Moran has denied the accusations in a now-deleted tweet, stating that the restraining order was denied and they were in fact accusations. He also stated that this was a way for them to divert Argo's lawsuit onto him.[3]




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