Makeup tutorials are a series of videos on Poppy's YouTube channel. The first tutorial was uploaded in April of 2020, and has continued to be a recurring series of videos.


The makeup tutorials consist of various makeup looks, usually from Poppy's photoshoots, music videos, or her daily life. The videos show Poppy standing in front of a pastel-purple background and two white LED lights, giving an introduction to the tutorial. A distorted voice lists the products Poppy will be using in the video as they are shown one by one. Following the items, Poppy shows the viewer how to apply the products and makeup, being applied by either Jessica Monzalvo or Poppy herself. Ghostemane has also applied makeup to Poppy in one video.


  1. "Makeup Prep with Poppy"
  2. "My Complexion with Poppy"
  3. "Revolver Mag Graphic Eye with Poppy"
  4. "Fill the Crown - Makeup Look with Poppy"
  5. "Anything Like Me Music Video Look with Poppy"
  6. "DIY Magazine Look with Poppy"
  7. "Makeup Removal with Poppy"
  8. "Numero Mag (The Mode Issue) Look with Poppy"
  9. "Airplane Skin Routine with Poppy"
  10. "How to Do Your Makeup for a Funeral with Poppy"
  11. "Daytime No Makeup Look with Poppy"
  12. "How To: Glossy Eyelid with Poppy"
  13. "On Tour Skin Routine with Poppy"
  14. "How to Black Lipstick with Poppy"
  15. "Dolly Blush Look with Poppy"
  16. "My Expensive Skin Routine with Poppy"
  17. "How to Red Lipstick with Poppy"
  18. "A Fun Party Look with Poppy"
  19. "My Fiancé Does My Makeup"
  20. "Poppy's Inferno Cover Makeup"


  • Poppy's song "Catholic Camera" was used as background music in every makeup tutorial video starting with "My Complexion with Poppy" and ending with "A Fun Party Look with Poppy". Beginning with the video "My Fiancé Does My Makeup", the background music was changed to "Mind Aide".


Makeup Tutorials
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