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Mars Argo (born Brittany Alexandria Sheets) is an American singer-songwriter, actress, photographer and model best known for her works in the Mars Argo project and band.


Mars Argo grew up in Saginaw, Michigan in a family of six, assisting her family with their local veterinary services and attending a choir throughout her childhood. She then majored in biology once she started to attend college. In 2007, Argo met Titanic Sinclair (Poppy's former director) through Myspace. They created a YouTube channel together titled "grocerybagdottv" which contained videos with a similar aesthetic to Poppy's current YouTube videos. They began two webseries titled "Video Blog" and "Computer Show" spoofing pop culture, human nature, and media. Argo was also a member of the band Mars Argo with Titanic Sinclair, Nick Bujouves, Julian Mirijanian, Jake DeSouza, Nigel Silverthorn, Memphis Donahue, Richard Lombardo and Sinclair's brother, Alex Mixter.

In January of 2014, Argo and Sinclair's romantic relationship ended, with their project ending in June 2014. Shortly after, Argo privated nearly all of the videos on grocerybagdottv with the only 3 videos remaining public being "Delete Your Facebook" as well as the music videos for "Runaway Runaway" and "Using You". Argo also changed the password to the account to restrict Sinclair from accessing it.

Around March 2014, Titanic Sinclair had met Moriah Pereira.[1] Later that year, Pereira and Sinclair had released their first video together "Poppy Eats Cotton Candy" under her YouTube channel Poppy. The video was originally going to be a one-off video demonstrating the likes of Mars Argo's aesthetic.

Following the breakup, the Poppy YouTube channel had uploaded more videos, with many containing subliminal references to Argo, allegedly intended to agitate the post-traumatic stress disorder she developed from her musical endeavors with him.


After remaining silent on social media for three years, Argo released a lawsuit against Titanic Sinclair and Poppy on April 17th, 2018. In the lawsuit, she sues both Poppy and Sinclair for Mars Argo Inc. custody theft, copyright infringement, and stealing her persona and music. She also sues Sinclair for years of physical and psychological abuse, threatening suicide, breaking and entering her apartment on multiple occasions, and destroying her personal property. On May 7th, 2018, Poppy released a statement on Twitter deeming the lawsuit's accusations "false".[2] In the statement, she also accuses Josh Moran of misconduct towards her, claiming that Argo was collaborating with him "in an attempt to manipulate [her] psychologically". A judge dismissed the lawsuit, due to lack of evidence of the misconduct or anything to back up the statement that Argo worked with him. Poppy proceeded to censor the results in her response and post a clip of Moran physically assaulting Sinclair after a conversation. Moran later denied that he harassed or assaulted Poppy, implying that the accusations were irrelevant to the lawsuit and stating that Poppy and Sinclair were attempting to distract their fanbase from their own illegal behavior.[3]

On September 14th, 2018, the lawsuit was dismissed due to being settled out of court. As a result of the agreement, all photographic blackmail used against Argo by Sinclair was destroyed, a restraining order was filed against Sinclair, 100% custody was given to Argo of Mars Argo Inc. (including but not limited to social media accounts, websites, and songwriting credits), both Sinclair and Poppy had to delete all social media posts and therefore no longer mention Argo in any form on social media.[4] The settlement includes that all rights to the Mars Argo project have been assigned to Argo and no party is allowed contact with each other. Argo has released a statement from her lawyer.[5]

In an interview with NME, Poppy stated that she "learned more about Hollywood" from the lawsuit and that "everything is not as it seems".[6]

On December 28th, 2019, Poppy released a statement explaining her parting with Titanic Sinclair.[7] She stated that she was never an accomplice to Sinclair's misdeeds against Argo, further implying that she had suffered "similar" wrongdoings by Sinclair as Argo initially brought to light through the lawsuit.


  • Her stage name and first name were censored in all forms on Poppy.Church.
  • In June 2020, Poppy's official SoundCloud account was hacked, and the account reposted, liked and commented on Argo's song "Using You".[8] The post was deleted shortly after.