Pi is Poppy's pet cat and a character in the Poppy universe.


Pi first appears in the video "Your Soul Is Mine". In this video, he tells Poppy that he has come to collect her soul, as it belongs to him. He appears again in "The Man", where he is "contained" by Poppy and referred to as "the man". In "She Is Lying!", Charlotte discusses her disappearance with Poppy and explains where she has been. During this conversation, Pi suddenly interrupts Charlotte and accuses her of lying, tackling her to the ground.


Pi is a male chocolate sphynx cat. He has dark-green eyes. Poppy regularly dresses him up in clothing to keep him from getting cold.


  • Pi was born on Christmas Day.[1]
  • In an interview with LA Weekly, Poppy stated that he is named after the mathematical constant of the same name.[2]
  • Pi has met Wiggy.
  • They gave Pi to Poppy.
  • Pi is one of three living animals to have ever appeared in a Poppy video, the others being Wiggy and Xie.
    • This also makes Pi one of two cats to appear in Poppy's videos.
  • In Poppy's videos, Pi is shown to "speak" in a deep, demonic voice. It is unknown who provided this voice.
  • In a video with BuzzFeed, Poppy claims that Pi is her first pet. She also says that she is not sure if Pi is her pet or she is Pi's pet, as he tells her what to do.[3]
  • Poppy brought Pi with her during the Am I A Girl? Tour, carrying him in a cyan-colored backpack with a see-through hole.[4]


The Pi gallery can be found here.


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