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Poppy (previously known as That Poppy) is a character and singer portrayed by Moriah Pereira.


The Poppy YouTube channel was created on October 6th, 2011, which originally contained original songs and covers. In late 2014, she started working under the direction of Titanic Sinclair, completely erased her old content and reinvented herself.

Poppy and Titanic Sinclair's first video was uploaded November 4th, 2014, titled "Poppy Eats Cotton Candy", which only shows Poppy eating cotton candy. The video was shot in Titanic's living room with no budget, and was originally going to be a one-off video. The most popular Poppy video is "I'm Poppy.", which shows a 30-second clip of Poppy saying "I'm Poppy" looped for 10 minutes. The channel's subscriber count is hidden, though it has been revealed on numerous occasions. On September 8th, 2017, it was confirmed by YouTube LA on Twitter that Poppy had surpassed one million subscribers and received her Gold Play Button. On July 5th, 2019, Poppy's subscriber count was accidentally turned on and was revealed to have 2.4 million subscribers. Poppy won a Streamy for breakthrough artist on September 26th, 2017.

Poppy's identity was initially kept guarded, with Poppy explaining, "I don't want people to talk about how old I am; I want them to talk about what I'm making. People, especially nowadays, are so obsessed with knowing everything. They'll have to invest their time in finding it."[1] She also revealed in a statement made on May 7th, 2018 that she had kept her identity guarded due to being a survivor of abuse. The description of her video titled "Happy Birthday To Poppy" had previously revealed her birthday as January 1st, 2001. However, this is assumed to be the "creation date" of the Poppy character, with Moriah herself being six years older.

The videos are directed by Titanic Sinclair, who worked with a different woman (Mars Argo) in the past before working with Moriah. The videos are meant to be a mock of today's pop culture and the media.

Many YouTubers, such as PewDiePie and LeafyIsHere, have made videos about Poppy, commenting on the strangeness of her channel. Night Mind, a channel that analyzes various horror-themed media, created a video explaining who Poppy was. Another channel, Joe the UFO, has a series of videos talking about some of Poppy's content. The Fine Brothers' YouTube channel React has posted a video of kids reacting to Poppy, a video of Poppy reacting to the kids reacting to her, and a video of the kids reacting to Poppy reacting to them reacting to her. Several months later, she guest-starred in another Fine Brothers video, "Poppy Answers Kid React's Questions!", in which she answers questions that the kids ask her. In late 2018, she guest-starred in the Fine Brothers video "Kids React Cast Meets Poppy For The First Time", in which the children from Kids React meet Poppy in person.

Poppy's Twitter was created in January 2011, but her first tweet was posted the same day her first YouTube video was posted. The tweet advertises the video. As of 2018, however, all tweets posted prior to June 4th, 2018 have been deleted. Her Twitter account has 190,000 followers as of January 2019. Her Instagram account's creation date is unknown but her first post suggests that it was also created in 2011.


Poppy as a character represents the media and its speculation on whether or not a celebrity is a member of a cult. The project is supposed to spoof pop culture and the media itself. Poppy is portrayed as a teenager; she shows innocence and ignorance towards the "outside world" throughout her videos. She usually sports her trademark arm length bleach blonde hair and typically wears clothing that is related to Japanese modern culture. Her voice is often soft and high-pitched, similar to the likes of Mars Argo's. In her videos, Poppy is shown to stand still with little expression on her face, rarely blinking. Poppy's current actions are done in more of a "robotic" manner, with the aesthetic of her discography and videos being more internet and technology-oriented.


Poppy is known to have started a cult of sorts involving her fans. She previously sold a book on her website called The Gospel of Poppy, which is essentially her version of the Bible including prayers, musings on God and fame, and transcripts of her YouTube videos. She often encourages her fans to pray to her and treat her as their "queen" and says that watching her videos is "church" for them. She was also selling a "membership ring" of a pink triangle with a P in the middle, which is a symbol seen in a lot of her videos. There is a playlist on her YouTube channel called The Cult of Poppy.

While all of this makes it seem like she is indeed a cult leader, both her and her director Titanic Sinclair constantly say they are not in a cult on social media and in their YouTube videos. At one point, she had a shirt that read "I Am Not In A Cult Led By Poppy" on her webstore, though it is currently unavailable.

Poppy has a website and interactive game titled Poppy.Church, which seems to go along with the cult theme as people receive personal invitations to it and it keeps track of the user's social media activities.

Poppy is shown to be controlled by a force known as only Them, whom she references in her videos and in interviews. They are known to make her do certain things. It is most likely that They are supposed to represent cult leaders and that They use Poppy as their puppet. In the "Lowlife" video, They are portrayed as Caucasian middle-aged men. In Poppy.Church, They are portrayed as two separate entities split up into They and Them. They is portrayed as a pink-cloaked figure and Them is portrayed as a white-cloaked figure.


It is believed by many fans that Poppy is not human and/or is brainwashed by cults such as the Illuminati; however, this has been proven false many times. Poppy has been known to break character during live events and interviews. Though it is more rare now, Poppy has broken character several times during her Poppy era, such as in the Style Verify interview. In 2017, when asked in an interview with NPR if Poppy knows who Moriah is, she replied with "I don't know who that is". Though this seems to be more evidence that Poppy is brainwashed, she is trying to reinvent herself, put Moriah Poppy behind her and make Poppy who she is now.



Poppy is shown to have the ability to summon people. She has summoned a clone of herself in "Oh No!", as well as summoned Brandon Wardell, Stryker, the Devil, DJ Andrew Luce and Tom Green in Internet Famous With Poppy.


Poppy has been shown to bleed from the mouth or the nose, most notably in "Oh No!", "Am I Okay?" and the I'm Poppy YouTube Red Original. It is unknown why this occurs.


Poppy is shown to have the ability to levitate as shown in "Moving Forward", in which she levitates for the majority of the video, then drops to her feet.


  • On April 17th, 2018, Brittany Sheets (Mars Argo) filed a lawsuit against both Titanic Sinclair and Poppy for copyright infringement, stealing her persona and music.[2] This case was dismissed on September 14th, 2018 by Judge Manuel Real.
    • On May 7th, 2018, Poppy tweeted a statement claiming that the accusations Brittany made were false.[3]
  • On July 13th, 2018, Big Bud Press, the creator of Titanic Sinclair's jumpsuit on the Poppy.Computer Tour, had accused Poppy and her team of stealing their design on one of their newly-added pieces of merchandise, the Poppy Jumpsuit.


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