Poppy's Inferno Cover Makeup is a video on the Poppy YouTube channel. It is the 416th video of the Poppy era. It was uploaded on August 2nd, 2020.


This is the twentieth video in Poppy's makeup tutorial series. In this video, she shows the products that she uses to create her makeup look on the cover of her graphic novel Damnation: Poppy's Inferno.


Poppy: Hi, I'm Poppy. In this video, I will be showing you how to do the Poppy's Inferno graphic novel cover art makeup look.

These are the products you'll be using.

Distorted voice: Axiology Lip-to-Lid Balmies.

CoverGirl mascara.

CAO eyeshadow palette.

Rituel de Fille eye soot.

KVD beauty liner.

Poppy: First, apply pink shadow to your already-prepped eye.

Feather it in to the crease of your eye.

Then bring the color below your eye.

Apply on your other eye.

Feather it in and blend it.

Now with a fine brush, with a little shadow applied, line the eye.

Using the shadow like a liner, apply gently to the upper eyelid.

Curl your lashes!

Apply mascara.

Now, add details.

Draw a small cross-like shape on the cheekbone.

And then on the other side.

With a Lip Balmie, apply to your lip.

There she is!


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