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"Poppy.Remixes" is the first remix extended play (EP) by Poppy. It was released on March 16th, 2018 via Mad Decent Records. It is available to purchase for $9.95 USD.


No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Interweb" (Nebbra Remix) Poppy, Titanic Sinclair, Simon Wilcox Nebbra 4:18
2. "Moshi Moshi" (Noboru Remix) Poppy, Chris Greatti Noboru 3:39
3. "Moshi Moshi" (Mitch Murder Remix) Poppy, Greatti Mitch Murder 3:35
4. "Moshi Moshi" (Clarabell Remix) Poppy, Greatti Clarabell 3:09
5. "Moshi Moshi" (YUTO Remix) Poppy, Greatti YUTO 4:23