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Blog Posts

SalemSays SalemSays 21 January

Rating Poppy Songs

I'd give this an 9/10 since this is the very first Poppy song I listened to and the meaning is really great

Literally the most catchy metal song I've heard, however it's a little repetitive, so 7.2/10

I love this song, the bubblegum vibe is awesome, g…

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P l u m b l o s s m P l u m b l o s s m 21 January


I don’t know

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Everglowww Everglowww 3 August 2020


I must say, this is wayyy different from the Melanie Martinez wiki (which is basically all pink) but whatevs. This is cool.

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Dancinqgueen Dancinqgueen 25 May 2020

What happened to the unreleased pages?

I just noticed that i cant find any unreleased song pages on here anymore. I was looking for information on some of them to find out which were for bubblebath, etc. but all the pages dont exost anymore. Did something happen i didnt know about?

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CoolStarWars1 CoolStarWars1 17 May 2020



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Poppyislife Poppyislife 13 May 2020

My rating of Poppy songs

Lowlife 8/10

Money 5/10

Altar 9/10

American Kids 10/10

I'm Poppy 3/10

Let's Make A Video 4/10

Bleach Blonde Baby 6/10

My Microphone 8/10

Moshi Moshi 2/10

Computer Boy 7/10

My Style 4/10

Fuzzy 7/10

Interweb  6/10

Software Upgrade 3/10

Pop Music 8/10

In A Minute 5/1…

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MarsDy MarsDy 6 November 2019

November Updates

Hello everyone!

This year has been a huge change in the fandom and our community here, and we are soon approaching the release of Poppy's new album, I Disagree. As we're preparing for the album's release, you may notice a couple of drastic changes on…

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MarsDy MarsDy 29 September 2019

Update on Unreleased Pages

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to announce a brief update about unreleased songs. I’m aware the opinions on these pages are mixed, but recently there has been a conflict with leaking. We are well aware that a few people have leaked snippets of unrele…

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