Affiliation Policies

 Poppy Wiki participates in the affiliation of wikis, which connects two wikis and associates them together. We are generally accepting of most requests, please read below before making a request. If making a request, please contact an administrator.

  1. It is optional for your wiki to have relation to Poppy, whether it is a video title, someone who has made videos on Poppy regularly, an associate of hers and/or a mention by Poppy herself.
  2. If your wiki has controversy, whether it is regular, recurring drama on the wiki and/or a very controversial person/artist/band, your request may be declined.
  3. If you are a music wiki asking to be affiliated, you must be an alternative and/or a pop music wiki. If not, it is allowed if the relation stated in rule #1 is made.
  4. If your request is accepted, please send the administrator you have asked a picture of the person/artist/band that you would like to use to represent the wiki.
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