Bullying and Harassment Policies

 Poppy Wiki has zero tolerance for any sort of harassment on the site. The result of breaking these rules may vary in the length of your block.
  1. Don't harass or bully other users. The site is meant to be a safe place for everyone.
  2. Don't troll other users or post comments that may come across in this manner, such as purposely acting immature and/or lying to other users.
  3. Don't cause any drama and/or bring personal issues with other users into this wiki. If the issue is regarding the wiki, please bring it up with the user and leave personal discussions out of it.
  4. Please consider the feelings of others; don't use intimidating, controlling or aggressive behavior when posting on someone's message wall, commenting, or writing an edit summary.
  5. You may express your opinion about a page on the wiki; however, we advise you to please be respectful. If it gets to the point where it is so negative that it can be considered harassment, you will receive a warning.
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