Discord Policies

Poppy Wiki has an official Discord server, an external site and online chatroom replacing the live chat. We expect users who join via the wiki invite link to adhere to these policies.

  1. All rules of the wiki apply to the Discord.
  2. NSFW discussion is prohibited.
  3. Light swearing is allowed; however, an excessive amount of swearing will result in a timeout/ban depending on the severity of the matter.
  4. Roleplaying as any character from the Poppy universe or any person that is an associate of Poppy is not allowed on the server.
  5. Discussion of unreleased content is not allowed on the main channels. If you wish to discuss it, please discuss it in #unreleased-discussion by assigning the @Charlotte role to yourself.
  6. Unreleased trading, teasing, and/or posting links to leaking sites will result in a ban.
  7. If you would like to speak about off-topic matters, please discuss it in #general.
  8. Blocks on the wiki apply to the Discord server as well.
  9. Any actions, or past knowledge of discrimination to specific groups, regardless of context will result in a ban.
  10. Flooding will result in a timeout.
  11. You may express an opinion; however, if it is so aggressive that it could be considered harassment, it will result in a timeout.
  12. Self-bots are not allowed on the server, as they are against Discord rules.
  13. Sockpuppetry will result in a ban, and contact with Discord staff will be issued by server staff.
  14. Leaking personal information of any person is instantly punishable.
  15. Mentioning staff without reason is not allowed.
  16. Please do not bring personal drama onto the server. Resolve issues in direct messages.
  17. Personal discussions are not allowed as an extended conversation topic.
  18. Any discussion of triggering topics such as suicide and self-harm will result in a warning.
  19. Remember to respect everyone on the server and have a great time!
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