Edit Warring and Sockpuppetry Policies

 Poppy Wiki is aware that some users may disagree with each other on an edit or a block. Please read below before escalating.
  1. Please do not edit war. An edit war is the repeated undoing of edits (or reading information) by different editors. If someone undoes an edit of yours, it is not appropriate to undo their edit. Please start a discussion on each other's message walls to reach a consensus. You can make your case for your opinion there and get unbiased opinions on the subject.
  2. Piggybacking on an edit war isn't appropriate to do, it will not only get the corresponding users into more trouble, but it will also get yourself involved within the consequence.
  3. Listen to staff when you have edited something incorrectly and they edit your work. There is likely a reason behind it, so please reach them on their message wall to reach a consensus before escalating.
  4. If sock puppetry is done (making an account after you get banned just to get away from the ban) there will be consequences (i.e. your IP getting blocked from the wiki and a longer block on your new account).
  5. If repeated sock puppetry is done, Poppy Wiki is obligated to email FANDOM staff, which could result in your main account being blocked Wikia-wide.
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