General Housekeeping

 Housekeeping is an important aspect of the wiki. Abiding by these rules helps your fellow users and the administrators themselves.
  1. Please provide sources for any and all information you find. Use the formatting as shown here to do this.
  2. Do not add false information to any pages.
  3. Only create a new page if you are willing to fill it with information. We don't want titled but blank pages.
  4. If you find any videos that could be of use, please post a comment with the link so they can be backed up.
  5. Do not vandalize pages, blog posts, and user pages (e.g. messing up pages and changing photos without permission).
  6. On the discussion boards, please remain on topic to anything in relation to the wiki.
  7. Please do not advertise/promote any exterior sites or your own wiki unless given permission to do so by an administrator. You are allowed to promote wikis that are affiliated, or sites that have relation to Poppy.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.