Safety Policies

 Poppy Wiki is a safe place for everyone to edit, discuss or anything in between. The safety of other users is important on our site and is taken seriously. These policies enforce the protection of users.
  1. Any discussion about violence, self-harm or triggering content will result in a warning plus short block. If done so again you will be permanently blocked.
  2. Using profanity or derogatory language or images of such (cursing, racism, sexism, homophobic or transphobic slurs, etc.) will result in a warning or a block depending on the seriousness of the situation. Profanity is contextually allowed if it is censored or if you are referencing a song lyric.
  3. If any staff or users feel threatened by any users on the wiki, staff have the right to block a user depending on the seriousness of the situation (such as abusers and bullies).
  4. Any act of harassment towards groups of people on and/or outside of the wiki with supporting evidence towards a user doing so will result in a permanent block with no warning.
  5. Any users who discuss sexual/adult behavior will immediately be blocked from the wiki; however, it is contextually allowed if you are referencing a song lyric.
  6. In accordance with COPPA, a user cannot be under the age of 13. If it is found evident that a user is underage, it will result in a user being blocked until their 13th birthday.
  7. If you plan on sharing your social media usernames, we advise that they be public accounts rather than private, as anyone can view the site.
  8. Inappropriate names must be changed before editing on this wiki. If an administrator requests you to change your name and it is ignored, this will result in a permanent block.
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