Unreleased Policies

As of May 13th, 2020, pages regarding Poppy's unreleased songs are no longer allowed on the wiki as per request of Poppy herself. Please do not add them in!
  1. Please do not recreate unreleased song pages. This will result in an immediate warning.
  2. Please avoid teasing unreleased songs. This includes (but is not limited to) teasing unshared song lyrics, background information, and titles. Parodying or spoofing unreleased leaking is allowed, as long as you state so or make it obvious that it is a spoof.
  3. Discussion of unreleased is limited to the Discussions Board, as long as it follows our rules and regulations on the wiki.
  4. Please remain civil and appropriate when discussing unreleased on the Discussions Board.
  5. Links to exterior sites with unreleased being provided anywhere on the wiki are not allowed and will result in a short block and the link deleted.
  6. Information regarding the unreleased on the Discussions Board is allowed, as long as there are no mentions of people who have worked on the song and is not harmful to Poppy.
  7. Please refrain from adding any leaks (such as instrumentals, demos and a capellas) to pages. There are exceptions made if they are relevant to the page's background.
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