"Pyromaniac" is an unreleased song by Poppy. The song is an outtake from the Bubblebath EP. Five snippets of the song were leaked in 2019.


[Verse 1]
Hold your hands over the fire
You entertain these thoughts in your skull
Running steady on a wire
Don't get too close
So what will transpire?
No self control
Your eyes shift to shadow
Yeah, I told you so

Last time wasn't the last
Watching you strike a match
On everything we had
Give it a rest
Give it a rest

[Verse 2]
Hold your hands over your eyes
You can't see the damage you've done
You sharply pull out the fire
Getting close to no one
So what's your intention
Is it all just for kicks?
There's no use in saving you
You're built to destroy


Poppy - Pyromaniac (All Snippets)

Poppy - Pyromaniac (All Snippets)


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