"Pyromaniac" is an unreleased song by Poppy. The song is an outtake from the "Bubblebath" EP.

Leak History

  • May 3rd, 2019 - Two snippets were leaked in the Discord server "We Are Poppy" by the user Bedlam.
  • May 5th, 2019 - Bedlam posted additional lyrics in the server.
  • July 2nd, 2019 - A snippet of the bridge was leaked on SoundCloud by the user That Poppy Unreleased.


[Verse 1]
Hold your hands over the fire
You entertain these thoughts in your skull
Running steady on a wire
Don't get too close
So what will transpire?
No self control

Last time wasn't the last
Watching you strike a match
On everything we had
Give it a rest
Give it a rest

So what's your intention
Is it all just for kicks?


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