The hole.

The Hole is a location in Poppy's interactive game website Poppy.Church.



An example of the splash screen message one would receive.

There was a chance one would be in The Hole after creating a Poppy.Church profile and selecting self destruct. If one chose to self destruct, they would be transported into The Hole. If one ended up in The Hole, they would first be taken to a black splash screen with the message "You are stuck in The Hole for now. There are [number of people] others with you." Later after one exited the splash screen, they would discover they were in a black room with others, being dimly lit by a realistic candle, and could not move. After a certain amount of time, one would "ascend" while their avatar emitted a red beam of light and went to the application room. However, there was a timer of 776 seconds and if someone clicked on the candle, the timer would reset. If the timer reached 0 and one managed to relight the candle, they would ascend as long as no other users re-lit the candle at the same time.


The updated hole.

Before the Hole returned, They stated that the Hole would return soon. Later that day, user Hole created a petition to have the Hole in her room. Upon reaching her goal, They and Them stated that the Hole would return in her room. The Hole made a return on October 17th, 2018 being in user Hole's room which is room number 6660. One can enter the hole via a portal-like hole in the room. It is roughly the same, but updated. The room now has a light in the background coming from the candle, fading into black. There are two new buttons, the pray button and the extinguish button. The pray button is only clickable. The extinguish button extinguishes the candle's flame, and only appears on one's screen when the candle is lit. If one repeatedly presses the pray button, they will be able to access the chat in the Hole.


  • Poppy referenced The Hole in her now-unlisted livestream "Poppy Plays Fortnite Again". A YouTube user by the name of "Hole" donated $10 to appear in the Super Chat, to which Poppy responded "Hole, like the Church?".
    • The same user who donated $10 was the same Hole who created the petition to make the Hole return in her room.
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