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The Icky Babies are a group of musicians that served as Poppy's backing band in 2019.


The Icky Babies were first introduced in the video of the same name, later appearing in the music videos for "Scary Mask", "Concrete" and "I Disagree". While initially introduced as a musical duo consisting of a guitarist and drummer, a third Icky Baby playing bass first appeared in the music video for "Concrete", making them a full backing band for Poppy. They are featured on Poppy's third studio album I Disagree.[1]

In their introductory video, Poppy explains that the Icky Babies were sent to her on a mission to bring "spiritual change" and that they are her destiny. In the following video, "The Scary Mask Warning", Poppy reveals that the Icky Babies warned her about the "power of the scary mask", and that if she puts the mask on, she will "never be the same Poppy again". One of the Icky Babies appears in the Poppy VR180 Experience video "Touch the Icky Baby". In this video, Poppy describes the Icky Babies as her "protectors".

The Icky Babies' last appearance was in the music video for "I Disagree". Due to Poppy parting ways with the members of Blame Candy, and the fact that the Icky Babies were portrayed by three members of the group, it is assumed that the band has been retired. This was also implicated by Poppy when answering fan questions in April 2020; when she was asked about what happened to the Icky Babies concept, she responded with "things change".[2]


The Icky Babies wear matching black and white outfits and are similar in appearance to the bodysuit dancers.


  • Poppy had revealed the Icky Babies in an Instagram post on April 8th, 2019, over a week prior to the release of their introductory video.[3] She had also changed her Twitter bio to "icky" in early April 2019.


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