The Return of Charlotte is a video on the Poppy YouTube channel. It is the 353rd video of the Poppy era. It was uploaded on December 4th, 2018.


The video sees the return of Charlotte after over a year of absence in Poppy's videos, having last appeared in the 2017 video "I Am Not". In this video, Charlotte provokes Poppy, proclaiming that she is coming for her and that she will give her "beef".


Charlotte: I am coming for you, Poppy.

Nothing you do can stop me.

You want beef?

Charlotte will give you beef.

You think you are the queen of the internet?

I'll show you the queen of the internet.

Prepare for war, Poppy.

You want beef?


  • Charlotte's voice is noticeably different in this video, seeming to be voiced by a different text-to-speech voice. She would retain this voice in successive videos.
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