These Are Cotton Swabs is a video on the Poppy YouTube channel. It is the 35th video of the Poppy era. It was uploaded on January 15th, 2016.


The video presents itself as a tutorial on how to use cotton swabs. After showing the viewer a package of cotton swabs and what a single cotton swab looks like, Poppy demonstrates how to use one by inserting it into her ear. Afterwards, she attempts to use one on Xie, but comes to the conclusion that "she has chosen to reject the cotton swab".

The video likely serves as a reference to the Mars Argo video "Delete Your Facebook", as the video begins with Titanic Sinclair saying that he damaged his left ear with a cotton swab and cannot hear out of it. In this video, Poppy uses a cotton swab on her left ear.


It's time to learn about cotton swabs.

Cotton swabs!

This is what a cotton swab looks like.

To properly use a cotton swab, insert into your ear canal and twist gently like so.

These are cotton swabs.

This feline is being introduced to a cotton swab.

She has chosen to reject the cotton swab.

These are cotton swabs!


  • This video is the first appearance of Xie.
  • The third hand seen at the 0:29 mark most likely belongs to Titanic Sinclair.
  • This video is one of six Poppy videos to feature a living animal, the others being "This Is a Dog", which features the dog Wiggy, "Which Color Is It?", which also features Xie, and "Your Soul Is Mine", "The Man" and "She Is Lying!", which all feature the cat Pi.
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