Cold Alex

aka thatAlex

  • I live in your closet
  • My occupation is none of ur business
  • I am sad and depressed :')
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Hi! My name is Alex!

About me

  1. What's your name? Alex
  2. How old are you? 17
  3. Favourite colour? Purple
  4. Favourite pet? Cats
  5. What's your sexuality? Bisexual
  6. Are you single? Yes
  7. Have you ever had a bf/gf? No
  8. Summer or Winter? Winter
  9. Favourite music genres? Pop, dance, indie, pop-rock, rock, alternate, comedy
  10. wtf is wrong with you? shut up

How do I know Poppy?
  I first saw Poppy in Pewdiepie's video. I didn't really mind her and I wasn't taking any interest in her. Some months later, one of my online friends sent me the "Lowlife" music video so I was like "Hey I remember her..." so I wrote "That girl's pretty weird" so he said "No she's not she's pretty good at singing", then I was like "Yeah but have you seen what she posts on her main channel" and he said "No what?" so I literally send him Poppy's "Oh No" video. Then I literally spend the last 2 hours watching all of her videos.

Poppy Things

  • Favourite Released Song: Anything Like Me
  • Favourite Cover: Sunglasses At Night
  • Favourite Video: He Loves Me Not
  • Least Favourite Released Song: I'm Poppy
  • Least Favourite Cover: Hide and Seek
  • Least Favourite Video: idk all the rest lel

Other favourite singers/artists

Wikis in which I'm part of the staff
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My socials

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