So I'm pretty sure half the fandom has heard of the lets say "friendship" ending between Grimes, Poppy and Titanic. We haven't really gotten much information on what exactly happened between them, but it's assumed that Grimes didn't want to be affiliated with them, because of the controversy. She unfollowed both Poppy and Sinclair and followed Mars Argo. Which I think could show a lot about what happened between them when they were at least acquainted.

Now that's out of the way, lets talk about Grimes' new single, "We Appreciate Power", her first single since her 4th album, "Art Angels". I actually love this song a lot, it's a favorite. My friend told me around 4 days ago I think that it was going to feature Poppy but was replaced by HANA. I was very skeptical on it since there wasn't much evidence at first. Yesterday my friend informed me of the tweet posted by Grimes, hinting at a collaboration. It had a caption of "biology is superficial,, intelligence is artificial" which later ended up in the song's outro. Chris Greatti also retweeted the announcement from Grimes so I was like "hmmmmmmmmm".

The song released today and it turns out it was produced by Zakk Cervini and co-written by Chris Greatti. So definitely it was supposed to feature Poppy + be a song on Am I A Girl? . I'm still trying to figure out how she released the song when Poppy probably would have not been okay with it releasing since she probably didn't give permission. Oh well lol. What do you guys think was the reason why Poppy was cut from the song?