Hello there everyone and happy New Year! It has been a while since I last made a post on here, I think I haven't been really that active since early December. I have been monitoring the wiki and thank you to all the users who have been editing on the wiki the past month. I haven't been relatively active on wikia because I'm currently in the process of studying for and writing exams (fun right). Some personal issues in my life reached their peak last month and now have been thankfully brought back down to a lower level and some of them were triggered by certain people on wikia, so I'm happy to say I have risen above these problems and no longer bother me. 

Poppy herself hasn't been really active in the likes of her music career lately and I am aware that she will be soon, however I'm not really interested in her videos or character that much anymore. I enjoy her music but that's really it and I hate to say it but I'm kind of bored of her at the moment. So when new content rolls around I will hopefully be as active as I once was beforehand.

In the upcoming weeks I will be more active on the wiki <3 and happy 2 years everyone :))