Hello everyone!

This year has been a huge change in the fandom and our community here, and we are soon approaching the release of Poppy's new album, I Disagree. As we're preparing for the album's release, you may notice a couple of drastic changes on the wiki within the next few weeks.

Today we merged perhaps one of our highest trafficked pages of all time, the Moriah Pereira page to the Poppy page. We figured as much that Poppy herself is dropping the character completely outside of videos, so we might as well merge the two as she becomes less of a persona and more of a defined artist. Secondly, we have been hearing your feedback and questions regarding the theme of the wiki, and to answer your questions, we will update the theme when more promotional images are published. So eventually, the theme will be up to date with the I Disagree era.

If there are any more questions you have, please feel free to comment below or leave a message on a staff member's wall.

Happy editing!


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