Wiggy is a minor character in Poppy's videos. His only appearance is in the video "This Is a Dog".


Wiggy is the pet dog of Poppy's frequent collaborator and friend, Simon Wilcox. He has been close to Poppy since he was adopted by Wilcox. In "This Is a Dog", Poppy refers to Wiggy as a "doge", and describes Wiggy as her personal favorite. According to his Instagram bio, Wiggy was rescued by Watts Project.


Wiggy is a small dog, appearing as a puppy at the time of "This Is a Dog". He bears resemblance to a Shih Tzu Bichon-Frise crossbreed. He has brown eyes and light blonde fur.


  • Wiggy has met Pi.
  • Wiggy is one of three living animals to have ever appeared in a Poppy video, the others being Xie and Pi.
  • He is thanked in the credits of Poppy.Computer.
  • Poppy brought Wiggy with her during the second leg of the Poppy.Computer Tour.[1]
  • He was adopted in May 2015.
  • On April 7th, 2020, Poppy confirmed to a fan that Wiggy is a "best friend".[2]
  • Wiggy and Pi follow each other's official Instagram accounts.


The Wiggy gallery can be found here.


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