Xie is a minor character in Poppy's videos. Her only appearance is in the videos "These Are Cotton Swabs" and "Which Color Is It?".


Xie first makes an appearance in the video "These Are Cotton Swabs". After Poppy uses a cotton swab on her ear, she tries to use one on Xie, but concludes that "she has chosen to reject the cotton swab". Xie makes a second and final appearance in the video "Which Color Is It?". At the end of the video, Xie abruptly comes into the frame and interrupts Poppy mid-sentence, causing her to say "oh look, a feline has appeared".


Xie is a female short-hair tortoiseshell cat. She has green eyes.


  • Xie's name was revealed in a now-deleted post on Poppy's Instagram.[1]
  • Xie is one of three living animals to have ever appeared in a Poppy video, the others being Wiggy and Pi.
    • This also makes Xie one of two cats to appear in Poppy's videos.



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